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2 | LAWN & GARDEN RETAILER | THRIVING IN 2021 Visit for current Terms & Conditions of Sale. ©2020 Ball Horticultural Company 21205547-GAMS ™ denotes a trademark of and ® denotes a registered trademark of Ball Horticultural Company in the U.S. They may also be registered in other countries. Choose from 16 tabletop varieties. Order your Kitchen Minis TM seed and plugs today. makes it easier for you to grow. 630 231-1400 800 231-7065 NO GARDEN? NO PROBLEM. NEW TABLETOP VEGGIES FROM PANAMERICAN SEED ® ... WOW, THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WERE HOPING FOR! FRESH EATING Tomatoes Hot Peppers Sweet Peppers KATY AND KARL LIVE IN A CONDO. THEY LOVE TO COOK AND WANT TO GROW AND EAT THEIR OWN FRESH INGREDIENTS, BUT THERE'S NOT MUCH SPACE TO GARDEN. WHEN THE PLANT STOPS FRUITING, KATY AND KARL RETURN TO THE STORE TO BUY, EAT, REPEAT! KITCHEN MINIS CAN GROW INSIDE MMM PEPPERS & TOMATOES THAT TASTE GREAT! FREE POP! IN-STORE PROMO SIGNS NOW AVAILABLE!

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