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T here will always be that core group of vegetables everyone wants and is willing to seek out — the varieties that their grandfather grew, their mother canned, or their neighbor shared. However, be prepared for vegetable gardeners who have evolved to become culinary adventurers or want to challenge their growing skills. To stand out from the standard local mass market selection, look to expand your garden center vegetable category with varieties that align with food and garden trends. Healthy Snacks from the Garden Bite-sized and easy-to-prepare snacks continues to be on trend — and what could be easier than picking ready-to-eat fresh snacks right off the plant? Cherry and cocktail tomatoes, snacking peppers, mini cucumbers, and snap peas are top sellers in the produce aisle and will do very well in the garden center, too. All-America Selections has awarded several varieties that fit this category with AAS Winner status: snap pea 'Snak Hero', cucumber 'Green Light', tomato 'Candyland Red' and pepper 'Just Sweet' are recent winners. Consider extending your selection to include vegetables that call out to customers' creativity as a chef, preserver and gardener. By Jeannine Bogard Expand Your Vegetables Offerings Beyond the Ordinary 16 | LAWN & GARDEN RETAILER | MAY 2020 G REEN G O O D S

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